Product: Class365 (Web)
Education: Class365 - User Instruction Manual (Web)
Author: Kampüs365 | Content Developer – Yunus YALIN
Class365 - User Instruction Manual.pdf
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Class365 is a virtual classroom platform that enables remote live training and meetings via computer and mobile devices. Video and audio calls can be made using the camera and microphone of your mobile and desktop device.

Using Class365's writing and drawing tools, you can collaborate on documents and whiteboards with your students. You can get feedback by asking questions to your students.

Class365 is a virtual class platform that enables live training and meeting via computers and mobile devices. Using Class365, the following can be performed:
  • Live video and audio streaming,
  • Screen and application window sharing,
  • Document and presentation sharing,
  • Live annotation on documents,
  • Video sharing,
  • Public and private messaging,
  • Questions to conduct mini polls and tests
The sessions are recorded and can be viewed by attendees later.

This document is a manual for instructors who want to conduct live sessions (courses, webinars) on Class365.