Product: Class365 (Web)
Education: Class365 - User Instruction Manual (Web)
Author: Kampüs365 | Content Developer – Yunus YALIN
Class365 - User Instruction Manual.pdf
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Note: If you cannot see some modules; you are not authorized to access or your school has not received this module.

The following are required to use Class365:
  • An internet browser
    • For desktop and mobile devices with Windows operating system, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers provide the most compatible experience.
    • For desktop devices and mobile devices with Linux and Android operating systems, Google Chrome and Chromium-based browsers provide the most compatible experience.
    • You can use Google Chrome for Apple desktop devices with the macOS operating system.
    • You can use Safari for mobile devices (IPhone and IPad) with the operating system IOS 12.0 and above.
    • You can also use other modern browsers. However, you may not be able to use functions that other browsers do not support.
  • Minimum bandwidth of 1 Mbit/sec (each for upload and download)
  • An average computer or a mobile device
  • For mobile devices, Android or IOS operating system
  • Web camera for live video streaming
  • Microphone for audio streaming
  • No plugin is required to use Class365.