Product: Class365 (Web)
Education: Class365 - Instructor Instruction Manual (Web)
Author: Kampüs365 | Content Developer – Yunus YALIN
Class365 - Instructor Instruction Manual.pdf
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Note: If you cannot see some modules; you are not authorized to access or your school has not received this module.

On the home page, you can see virtual classroom sessions that were finished in the past, will start in the future, and start today. If you click on past sessions, you can watch a replay of the completed virtual classrooms. If you click on the starting virtual classroom sessions, you can switch to the virtual classroom.
  • You can switch to the sessions page by clicking the All Sessions link.
  • You can edit your profile information by clicking the Edit my profile link.
  • You can change your password by clicking the change password link.
  • You can access the help documents by clicking the help link.